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Hi everyone. At last I can publish our dates for this season 2022. Hopefully no more cancelations. Looking forward to seeing you all soon.
Regards Paul.

We are a small independant nursery that concentrates on growing rare or unusual shrubs and trees.
You can send me an email to paradiseplants@hotmail.co.uk and I will reply to any questions you may have as soon as I can.
Unfortunatley we do not have a mail order service at this stage,or an open nursery.So you can only obtain our plants direct from us via shows.
We produce a magnificent display plant (living label as we like to call it) to show you what can be achieved if you follow our advice that we give freely.We then offer small plants of the specimens in 9cm pots.We have a vast collection of rare and unusual shrubs and trees with high percentage of Austral/asian plants.We grow all our own plants at a small  growing nursery based in Kent.We look forward to seeing you at shows in the future.
Paul Johnson

Show dates 2022

Firle place 15-17 April
Newark show ground 2-/24 April
Beaulieu 29 april - 1st May
Malvern 5-8 may
Hertstmonceux 13-15 may  TBC
Hylands House.Chelmsford. Essex.May 20/22
Kent garden show.Detling May 27/29. (my largest range of plants in one place at one time)
THE GARDEN SHOW.Stanstead Park, Rowlands castle,Hampshire.June 10/12th
BBC gardeners world NEC 16-19 June
Blenheim palace flower show. June 24/26th
R.H.S Hampton court flower show.July 4-9th 
R.H.S Tatton park. July 20-24th
R.H.S Hyde hall. August 3-7th
R.H.S Wisley. September 6th-11th
Malvern September 23/25th

(Please check site regularly for updates there maybe more to add)

ALBIZIA CARE !. Pot on as soon as possible into the next size pot in ordinary compost.If you can grow it under glass much the better as it will grow quicker.Repot again as soon as it has filled that pot. A little at a time but more often is the best result (the Russian doll effect).It is hardy outside but this will slow the growth rate down dramatically.So grow it to a size under cover till it is of a size you are happy with before leaving it out all year round.It is then best planted in the ground in a sunny position that is not laying to wet during the winter.When growing in a pot.Feed (tomatoe or rose fertilizer) reguarly during the growing season and water freely.In the autumn when it is dormant and has shed its leaves only water sparingly.In the growing season some leaves will turn yellow and drop off this is a normal progression of the plant and is not due to over or under watering.A new set of leaves will will take there place.It can start flowering at any time.But from purchase it is normally about 3/4 years.But this is only a guide. In the Autumn The plant will shed all its leaves as it goes into dormancy.This the time to eaze up on the water. NEVER PUT A DISH UNDER THE POT.. OR BRING IT INTO THE HOUSE  !!

Sollya/Polygala/Oleander care. These plants particuarly like extra sharp drainage ! You can grow them in the ground if your soil is very light.If not grow them in pots in John innes no2.Never  over pot them ! do it gradually.Feed reguarly ( tomatoe/rose fertilizer).Raise pots off the ground during winter.They are frost hardy if you do this. (Note ! Nerium Oleander is toxic if ingested)

Sesbania puniceus ( Harmfull if eaten) Keep root very moist during the growing season.then normally drained during the winter. Needs a little winter protection.

Leonotis Care. This plant is from South Africa so it is only mildly frost hardy. If grown in containers it must be moved into a cold greenhouse/coldframe or conservatory for the Winter. If planted outside in the mildest areas,make sure it has good drainage and full sun preferably against a wall. Can be pruned hard in the spring like a Buddleia.

Jacobinia Paucflora. Frost hardy to about minus 4deg c (maybe lower). It prefers filtered not sun direct or the leaves go pale and bleached out (yellowish)

Grevilleas. They enjoy full sun in a well drained sheltered spot. Soil type Neutral/acid. Never feed with any phosphates.

Crinodendrons. Happy in sun or light shade. Must have well drained acid soil. Shelterd position.

Leptospermums. Shade or sunny sheltered site with sharp drainage. Neutral/acid soil.

Asclepias. This plant must have protection from severe frost . overwinter in cold greenhouse or conservatory. Or collest seed each year and grow annualy.

Musa Basjoo. (hardy banana) trialed this ourselves this winter outside and came through ok and is now leafing up again. They were in pots. We had minus 6 deg and they coped with this well.

Canna lilies. protect from severe frost if in pots. If they are planted deep outside in hot sunny well drained position and mulched down with 50mm wood bark They should be ok. about as hardy as as a dahlia

If you need any further advise on my plants .Please feel free to send me an email